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Know Your Negative Thought Triggers

Know Your Negative Thought Triggers   This is a personal favourite of mine. And a big light bulb moment for some of my clients.   You see a lot of people think they are doing all the right things, taking action (lots of it), having a vision board, thinking positively etc.  This is all great!  But […]

How Do You Back Yourself?

How Do You Back Yourself?   I love life!  We have so many choices, we can choose to surround ourselves with the right people who have a positive influence in our lives or people that drain us and do not complement our lives, choices about how we choose to experience our life, good or bad, […]

Is This You?

Is This You?   As I’m doing the logistics to travel to England to visit my elderly mum who is hanging on to the last part of her life, it bought me to contemplate that when you look back on your life, when you’re sitting in your “rocking chair” what is it you would like […]

You’ll Be Amazed At Whom You Actually Influence!

You’ll Be Amazed At Whom You Actually Influence!   Think about this for a moment, what if I said you have the power to affect the actions, behaviour and opinions of others.   As Napoleon Hill eloquently put it “Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either […]

Don’t Wait For It To Feel Right

Don’t Wait For It To Feel Right   They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. Andy Warhol Choosing to change anything in your life takes courage, it can also make you feel awkward and uncomfortable.  No wonder you sometimes avoid it like the plague, you put things off, […]

3 Reasons To Back Yourself

3 Reasons To Back Yourself   It is never too late to be what you might have been – George Eliot   Have you noticed how some people radiate confidence always displaying self-assurance and others come across as more mild and reserved? What is the difference?  Here are 3 questions that you could ask yourself […]

Be The Best Imperfect

Be The Best Imperfect   It’s OK to be imperfect, we all are in some way!   Being imperfect is part of living and growing in your life.   Question – right now are you stopping yourself doing something because you’re not willing to be less than perfect?   Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders […]

So You Think You Have A Problem …

So You Think You Have A Problem …   We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them – Albert Einstein   Ever wondered why you feel like you’re going round and round in circles sometimes and getting nowhere fast?! As Albert Einstein so clearly stated, if you don’t […]

Which one are you?

Which one are you?   How well do you really know yourself?!   Self-knowledge is central to anyone’s success.  For example when you have behavioural flexibility you can make the most out of any situation and every challenge!   How about if you knew how to change instead of what to change i.e. going from big […]

What’s Your Pattern?

What’s Your Pattern?   Your emotions are the slaves to your thoughts, and you are the slave to your emotions.” ― Elizabeth Gilbert, Eat, Pray, Love   Everyone has an emotional theme that they portray be it depressed, happy, sad or angry, frustrated or excited – which one do you live in the majority of […]


You Know It All Already. Really!

“Everything you need is within you right now.”

Maybe you don’t realise the capabilities you have inside. The truth is you’re infinitely strong and capable. Through coaching I help you access your inner knowing and bring the answers to your conscious mind.

Whatever you want to achieve in any area of your life, my goal is to help you achieve it. Together we shine the spotlight in the corners of your mind, on your forgotten dreams, all you wanted but thought you couldn’t have.

Together we move from past to future. I will help you let go of your limitations so you can walk easily into the life you dream for yourself.

You can only connect with yourself when you’re comfortable with who you are.

Becoming comfortable with who you are takes understanding. When you know why you do what you do, you can easily remove limiting beliefs and achieve anything you desire! Then you’ll realise just how amazing you are.

You might be wondering about who I am, so here’s a little about my journey from international business woman to business owner to change coach.

My Story

Why do we do what we do? My interest in this question began with a life changing event that made me look at why I behaved as I did.

In my 20s I was climbing the ladder, working for a multinational with over 6,000 employees. My success was noticed and selection to New York followed. While I was living there, the Twin Towers were tragically attacked.

It was as if there’d been a nuclear war. There was so much emotion swirling around and people reacting in all different ways but we had to carry on as normal. You can’t go through something like that and not be affected.

For me a seed was planted – I wondered why people responded so differently, what shaped their beliefs and attitudes.

I looked at my life choices more deeply too.  My corporate life was glamourous but lacking. I decided to return to Australia and no longer do things ‘just for the sake of it’.

My life changed dramatically as a result.

Inspired by early and modern day philosophers and teachers I read everything I could find! This exploration took a twist I didn’t expect when I began learning how to listen to my intuition or ‘gut feeling’, tuning into the ever present knowledge and understanding, learning the implications of energy and vibrations.

I learnt that the Universe can’t help you if you’re not willing to help yourself. You have to be willing to put in some work. It works with you, not for you.

Helping people connect with their own intuition has become central in my work. All the answers we need are within us and when we truly know ourselves, decisions are easy.

After years of study I decided to back myself and begin coaching. Today I’m a mother of 3, run a small business and run my coaching practice for Australian and International clients.

It all happens when you believe in yourself and follow your dreams!

There’s greatness in us all, sometimes we just need a little help in letting it out. My gift is helping people connect to themselves. Everything we need is within.

All my work comes from the heart. I believe in my clients – it’s about having fun and building trust so clients are completely at ease. That’s when we get results.

I have decades of practical experience including corporate multinational and small business, as well as abundant life experience. These things complement my coaching technique and help me understand where many of my clients find themselves.

Life has so much to offer. I love helping people achieve outcomes they never dreamed possible, helping them join the dots in their life so they have an ‘Ah-Ha’ moment. It’s indescribable.

You can read more about my coaching style on my Work With Me.



Self-knowledge is central to success.

When you have behavioural flexibility you can make the most out of every situation and every challenge.

EDISC is a key to self-discovery.

A leading personal assessment tool in over 50 countries, EDISC has been used since 1994 by millions of people worldwide. If you’ve ever wondered why you’re great at some things but others leave you bored or frustrated, EDISC can provide you with clarity.

EDISC is the perfect jumping off point for coaching.

EDISC helps you understand your unique approach and identify your energy type. It illuminates subconscious limitations so they can be removed and you can maximise your strengths. The assessment takes just 10 minutes to complete, followed by a full debrief where we go in-depth with your results.

It’s a fast track to self-knowledge and can reveal in 2 hours what may take weeks of coaching to uncover.


Some benefits of EDISC:

Giving yourself the time for EDISC is time well spent. You can learn more about yourself in just over 2 hours than you’ve learnt in several years before.

To jumpstart your coaching process with EDISC contact me today – there’s no time like the present!



Used since 1994 in over 50 countries and by millions of people, EDISC is a leading self-assessment tool that helps improve productivity, team work and communication. EDISC helps individuals identify their behavioural style. Ideal for work relationships including leadership positions and teams, EDISC results in a better understanding of others. It creates room for open discussion about behaviour and provides opportunities to adapt to avoid misunderstanding and tension.

When your employees perform better, so does your business.

EDISC provides the knowledge that individuals need to extend their performance from good to great, to adjust and be more effective in any situation. Properly applied EDISC helps create a happier, more harmonious and more productive work environment.

Breaking down EDISC…



Moving behaviour from good to great
Results oriented action takers who challenge the status quo
Enthusiastic, collaborative action takers
Supporters who enjoy collaboration and stability
Accurate challenge takers who enjoy stability


With EDISC you can harness everyone’s unique talents.

By assessing the conscious and unconscious self, EDISC highlights the individual’s natural strengths as well as where they need support. This gives you deep insight into what drives each employee – do they come to work for money, recognition, appreciation, promotion, relationships? This knowledge helps you meet employee expectations, as well as your own. For example, where someone is not performing well in a role you can work with them to identify either the specific support they need, or a different role where they’ll be more naturally suited. EDISC also illuminates what your employees fear. This is valuable for dealing with difficult individuals as it’s often a deep-seated fear that causes difficult behaviour.

EDISC supports teams.

A successful team is like a chain with no weak links – there’s camaraderie, support, cooperation, thoughtfulness. EDISC can help you identify the right people to create the strong team you need.

EDISC helps create a happier, more harmonious and more productive work environment.



  • Sales Assessment
  • Management Assessment
  • Leadership Assessment
  • Admin Assessment
  • Customer Service Assessment
  • Team Member Assessment
  • Information Technology Assessment
  • Project Assessment
  • Training Assessment
  • Entrepreneurial Assessment


  • Team Analysis
  • Work Pair Analysis
  • Surveys
  • 360 feedback
  • Personal Analysis 360
  • Job Analysis

For an obligation-free presentation to learn more about how EDISC could benefit your business, contact me today